Providing Financial Support to Programs and Individuals Committed to Animal Health


MVMF Scholarship and Grant History


Provide funding for a public educational outreach program geared toward MN High School students interested in veterinary medicine.

MVMA Surgery Suite

Providing operational support for the surgery suite at the MN State Fair to help educate the public on the importance of spaying and neutering their pets.

MN Agriculture in the Classroom

Providing support to bring educational materials with agricultural messages to schools through the state.

Minnesota Dog Bite Prevention Program

Provide funding for an important public health service that teaches veterinarians and veterinary technicians will teach children how to be safe around dogs.

MN Veterinary Historical Museum

Provide funding to help showcase and promote past veterinary achievements of the profession.

Miracle of Birth Center

Provide funding for the operational support for the Miracle of Birth Center. The most popular free exhibit at the fair, which educates the public on the vital role that animal agriculture and veterinary medicine plays in the state of Minnesota.

Minnesota Veterinary Medical Reserve Corps

Provide funding to support the MVMRC and its training purposes for preparation to respond to an animal emergency in the state of Minnesota.

B.A.R.T. (Basic Animal Rescue Training)

Provide funding to empower first responders-firefighters, police, paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians- with the training, knowledge and equipment necessary to safely and effectively handle domestic animals encountered during emergency situations, in order to help preserve human health, safety and well being.


Provide funding to help empower MN youth.

MN FFA Foundation

Provide support for FFA programs including small animal career development event.

Professional Education

MN Veterinary Practice Manager Network

Provide funding to enable quality CE for Minnesota veterinary practice managers.