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2013 Scholarship Recipients Announced

2013 Scholarship Recipients Announced

February 8, 2013

We are happy to announce the MVMF scholarship recipients for 2013.  We presented this group of award recipients at the 2013 MVMA Annual Meeting during the Friday Business Lunch.  This year because of MVMF growth and your contributions, we were able to give out 2 additional Pomeroy Scholarships.  We proudly present the winners:

          Margaret Pomeroy Scholarship - 2nd year students – Andrew Kryzer, Thyra Bierman, Mitch Bellrichard ($3,000)

          Spannaus Scholarship - 3rd year student – Kami Vickerman ($3,000)

          Companion Animal Scholarship ($3,000) and VHA Memorial Scholarship ($1,000)- 4th year student – Kara Michael Carmody

          Food Animal Scholarship - 4th year student – Kelsey Ness ($3,000)

          MVMA Leadership Award - 4th year student – Erik Holtze ($2,500)

          James O Hanson CE - post grad student - Susan Gale, DVM ($3,000)

          Academy Pomeroy Scholarship - student in a DVM/PHD program – Susannah Lewis ($2500)

          Dr. Tom Bloom Memorial – 4th year student – Briana Hallman ($1,000)

          Public Health Award - 1st , 2nd, or 3rd year student – Danielle Botting ($3,000)

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