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2013 Grant Requests Funded by the MVMF

April 10, 2013

The MVMF received a total of 19 grant requests to review at their April 10, 2013 meeting.  After careful review and discussion by MVMF board members, 15 grant requests had a portion of or their entirety funded by the Minnesota Veterinary Medical Foundation. 

The grant requests, a short description, and their funded amounts are listed below.    For a historical look at all the requests the MVMF has funded since its inception in 1990, see our new website, go to About MVMF and History of Giving.

Name                                                                                                  Amount Requested                          

SCAVMA Grant for MVMA/MVMF Student Representative Position $1,000
The role of the MVMA/MVMF student representative is to act as a liaison between our organizations and the U of M College of Veterinary Medicine’s student body.


Small Animal Welfare Committee                                                   $1,500

The SAWC is producing another rack card and associated business sized cards to inform the public and veterinarians on how to report poor breeding facilities and practices in the state of Minnesota.                                          


MVMA Continuing Education Committee                                    $4,500

Sponsorship of Annual Meeting and Academy CE Programs.                                                                  


MN FFA Foundation                                                                        $3,000

Support for FFA programs including small animals career development event.

VetCamp                                                                                            $6,000

An educational outreach program geared toward MN High School students interested in veterinary medicine.                        


SCAVMA                                                                                                                              $4,750

To assist students in financial support to be able to attend the annual SAVMA symposium.                                            


Student Initiative for Reservation Veterinary Services (SIRVS)              $1,500

Student group performing quality wellness and surgery clinics on MN underserved reservation communities.


MN Veterinary Practice Manager Network                                  $2,000

To enable quality CE for Minnesota practice managers.

MVMA Surgery Suite                                                                      $5,000

Operational support for the surgery suite.

Minnesota 4-H                                                                                   $2,500

Help Minnesota youth see their potential by providing support.


MN Veterinary Historical Museum                                                 $1,000
Help promote past veterinary achievements of the profession.

Miracle of Birth Center                                                                    $12,500

Operational support for the Miracle of Birth Center.

MVMA Disaster and Emergency Preparedness Committee (old MVMRC) $2,000                        

The go-to organization to respond to animals in disasters.                                                      


Total                                                                                                   $47,250 in grant funding


A total of $81,750 in scholarships and grant requests were funded in 2013.  Thank you for your support of the Minnesota Veterinary Medical Foundation.

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