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Scholarship Winners announced at MVMA Annual Meeting!

Scholarship Winners announced at MVMA Annual Meeting!

The MVMF Scholarship recipients announced at the MVMA 119th Annual Meeting! Congratulations~

We are happy to announce the MVMF scholarship recipients for 2015.  We presented the award winners their certificates and checks at the 2016 MVMA Annual Meeting during the Friday Business Lunch on February 5, 2016.  This year because of MVMF growth and your contributions, we were able to give $46,000 in veterinary and technician student scholarships.  We proudly present the winners:

              List of 2016 MVMF Scholarship winners

MVMF Cares for 1st Year                   Marjorie Schleper

Public Health for 1, 2 or 3rd yr             David Moe

Pomeroy for 2nd yr                             Jonathan Clayton

Arrowhead to 2, 3, or 4th yr                 Anastasia Johns

Spannaus for 3rd yr                            Helen Sobczynski

Companion Animal 4th yr                    Daniel Wingert

Food Animal for 4th yr                         Ashley Swenson

MVMA Leadership Award to 4th yr        Roland Lefebvre

Dr. Tom Bloom Memorial to 4th yr        Daniel Wingert

VHA Memorial for 4th yr                       Carrie Howe

James O. Hanson                                Amalie Dimiceli

Margaret Pomeroy                                Kristina Savaryn

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