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Thank you to our $200 Club Participants and Winners!

Thank you to our $200 Club Participants and Winners!

They say it only takes one ticket…But these 43 $200 Club participants know the value of contributing $200 and getting 40 tickets in the annual MVMF drawing barrel.  All of our winners in 2015 came from our $200 club participants!  Thank you for your generosity and congratulations to Dr. Anna Davies for winning the Camera package, Dr. Peter Poss the laptop computer and Dr. Dave Linn the 55” LED TV.  Dr. Brent Born was the recipient of his $200 returned to him, thanks to an anonymous  donor who not only is a $200 Club  contributor, but always gives an additional $200 so one $200 Club participant can win their $ back.   Our MVMF drawing helped raise close to $9,000 for the MVMF!   Thank you! 

2015 - $200 Club

  1. Dr.  Jerry Sprau
  2. Dr. John Baillie
  3. Dr. Jennifer Blair
  4. Dr. Brent Born
  5. Dr.  Robert Dietl
  6. Dr.  Thomas Dougherty
  7. Dr. Paul Draheim
  8. Dr. Pierce Fleming
  9. Dr. Ken Greiner
  10. Dr. John Howe
  11. Dr. Sharon Hurley
  12. Dr. George Krienke
  13. Dr.  Dave Linn
  14. Dr. Mike McMenomy
  15. Ms. Rachel Mensink
  16. Dr. Holly Neaton
  17. Dr. Dick Olson
  18. Mr. James Ostlund
  19. Dr. Peter Poss
  20. Dr. Deb Reed
  21. Dr. Donald Sime
  22. Dr. Annie Winsor
  23. Dr. Jim Winsor
  24. Dr. Jim Wood
  25. Dr. Michael Hodgman
  26. Dr. Brittney Brock
  27. Dr. Bennett Porter
  28. Dr. Tom Hagerty
  29. Dr. Dave Brewer
  30. Dr. Jim Nelson
  31. Ms. Julie Legred
  32. Ms. Anna Kieselbach
  33. Dr. David Wetherill
  34. Dr. Ann Valenti
  35. Dr. John Lillie
  36. Dr. Dave Spong
  37. Dr. Gala Beckendorf
  38. Dr. Mary Olson
  39. Dr. Ginger Garlie
  40. Dr. Kathy Brown Brockway
  41. Dr. Anna Davies
  42. Dr. Connie Sillerud
  43. Ms. Linda Spengler


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