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Thank you to the MVMF 2015 Annual Campaign Donors

Thank you to the MVMF 2015 Annual Campaign Donors
Thanks to MVMA members and other supporters, the 2015 MVMF Annual Campaign was a huge success and surpassed its $35,000 goal! 2015 was our best year ever-our third annual campaign, and we raised a total of $38,111.00 from 73 corporate and individual donors, 42 of which were new this year.

A Special Thank You to:

Arrowhead Veterinary Medical Association for their amazing $11,500 contribution! 

Thank you to the MVMF Annual Campaign Donors. Your donations make a difference!

Dr. Amy A. and Troy D. Anderson

Dr. Larry D. Anderson

John and Joan Angellar

Dr. Allen R. Balay

Bass Lake Pet Hospital

Dr. Karen Brandt

Dr. John Baillie

Jeff Benson

Inez Bergquist

Dr. Ingrid Bey

Dr. Brent Born

Karen Christensen

Dr. Anna Davies

Dr. Ernie Drager

Alexandre and Madeline Desmarais

Dr. Stan and Darlene Diesch

Dr. Sharon Dreifus

Dr. Ann Fischer

Dr. Paul Fitzgerald

Dr. Keith Friendshuh

Dr. James H. Fountaine 

Jan Fitzpatrick

Dr. Pierce Fleming

Jim Friend

Paula Funk

Dr. Keith Friendshuh

Sherry Fry

Wayne Fry

Dr. Barbara Greig

Dr. Meg Glattly and John Thielen

Dr. Ken Greiner

Dr. Dave Howe

David Horner

Dr. Thomas Haggart

Dr. Randall Herman

Dr. Anna Kieselbach

Dr. Peter Kelley

Dr. Cal Kobluk 

Dr. Chuck Kratt

Dr. Allen Lande

Jeffrey Lenzen

Dr. Cindy Lenzen

Dr. John Lillie 

Dr. Roger Madison

Dr. Beverly Mains

Erin Malone

Dr. Tim McConville

Dr. Michael McMenomy

Molly Moy

Rich Meyer

Dr. Erik Melin

Dr. Jeske Noordergraaf 

James McCarthy

Nona and Tom Nesseth

Dr. Barbara O'Leary

Dr. Michael Overend

Davee Olson

Jim Ostlund

Mark and Rachel Pearson

Dr. Jim Parker

Prairie Village Pet Hospital 

Dr. Norm Purrington

Dr. Caron Rodman

Dr. Lyle Rud

Dr. George Ruth

Dr. Milton Stensland

Hilary Salzwedel

Roy Sjoberg

Dr. Alan Sletten

Dr. Frances Smith 

Dr. Jerry Sprau

Jim Teller

Dan Tjornehoj

Dr. Margaret Tiffany 

Russ Traxler

Dr. Melissa Weisman

Dr. Nathan Winkleman

Dr. Bob Waterman

Dr. Jim Winsor











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