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Thank you to the MVMF 2016 Annual Campaign Donors

MVMF 2016 Annual Campaign

Raises over $43,000!

Its official, thanks to MVMA friends and members, the MVMA, and Arrowhead Veterinary Medical Association, the 2016 MVMF Annual Campaign was a huge success and surpassed its $40,000 goal to raise $43,618.

This was a record - our best year ever! All money goes to our grants and scholarships program.

A huge thank you to our generous partners, the Arrowhead Veterinary Medical Association that donated $18,000.00 as well as the MVMA who donated $20,000 in matching funds.

Quite an accomplishment!

Thanks to all of our donors for your contribution to the scholarship and grant funds of the Foundation for veterinary education and animal health.

We couldn’t have done it without you!

Thank you to the MVMF Annual Campaign Donors. Your donations make a difference!

Arrowhead Veterinary Medical Association

Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association

Dr. Timothy W. Krienke

Dr. Mark R. Nelson

Dr. Dale A. Magnusson

Dr. Michael F. McMenomy

Dr. Eugene F. Schlueter

Dr. Bennett J. Porter, III

Dr. Michael Overend

Dr. Thomas E. Dougherty

Natalie  Enzmann

Robert  Harrison

Dr. George R. Ruth

Dr. Jeske I. Noordergraaf

Dr. Anna P. Davies

Dr. Jordan Butler

Dr. Karen M. Brandt

Ms. Linda Spengler

Dr. Erica L. Moore

Dr. Susan J. Spence

Dr. Melissa J. Weisman

Dr. Thomas L. Wetzell

Dr. Harold D. Tilstra

Dr. Brittney L. Brock

Dr. Keith A. Friendshuh

Dr. David L. Fell

Dr. Larry D. Anderson

Ms. Rachel Pearson

Dr. Cindy Lenzen

Dr. David A. Spong

Ms. Jan Fitzpatrick

Dr. Caron D. Rodman

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