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Donors make MVMF Fifth Annual Campaign a record year! Thank you!

Donors make MVMF Fifth Annual Campaign a record year! Thank you!

Thanks to the generosity of MVMA friends and members, the MVMA, and Arrowhead Veterinary Medical Association, this year’s MVMF Annual Campaign exceeded our goal of $45,000 by more than $700! We knew this goal was lofty and greater than anything we had achieved in the past, but that reaching it would power the Foundation to do more than ever before. We dreamed big, and the response was overwhelming.

This significant accomplishment allows the Foundation to do even more to support the future of veterinary education and animal health across Minnesota. All money raised during this record Campaign will fund the Foundation’s grants and scholarships program. This program would not exist without the loyal support of our donors, and we want to say thank you for all of those who participated in the Campaign!

Special thanks to the Arrowhead Veterinary Medical Association for their substantial donation, and to the MVMA for providing a match which helped us reach our goal.

We couldn’t have done it without you!

Thank you to the MVMF Annual Campaign Donors. Your donations make a difference!

Arrowhead Veterinary Medical Association

Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association

Mr. Robert Harrison

Dr. Bennett Porter, III

Dr. Katherine Knutson

Dr. Patricia Novak & Family

 Camilla Emmans

Dr. Michael Overend

Ms. Jan Fitzpatrick

Dr. Jeske Noordergraaf

Dr. Randall Herman

Dr. Thomas Fletcher

Dr. Melissa Weisman

Dr. Andrew Mills

Dr. Harold Tilstra

Dr. Sarah Crawford

Dr. Wayne Jacobs

Dr. Erin Malone

Dr. David Wetherill

Mr. Craig Klausing

Dr. Robert Dietl

Dr. Rodney Riewer

Dr. Larry Anderson

Dr. Karen Brandt

Dr. Cindy Esselman

Dr. Caron Rodman

Dr. Brittney Brock

Dr. John Baillie

Dr. Timothy Krienke

Dr. George Krienke

Dr. Ralph Farnsworth

Dr. Keith Friendshuh

Dr. Curtis Schafer

Dr. Jerald Sprau

Dr. Carl Jessen

Dr. Michael McMenomy

Mr. David Henslin

Mrs. Luanne Huseth

Mr. Ronald Werdin

Ms. Millicent Neidt

Mrs. Bunny Larson

Mr. Charles Nelson

Mr. Craig Jennings

Ms. Mary Dietl

Mr. William Olson

Mrs. Graciela Cuadrado-Vielguth

Ms. Marlene Loken

Dr. Kirk Smith

Ms. Nona Nesseth

Mr. James Ostlund

Dr. Dean Hawkinson

Ms. Kelly Andrews

Ms. Linda Spengler

Dr. Sally Ryan

Dr. Kate An Hunter

Dr. Allen Balay

 Saint Anthony Park Dental Care, PLLC

 Leah Acosta

Ms. Rachel Anderson

Dr. Laura Durant-Elliott

Ms. Chelsea Caron

Ms. Gina Brewer

Dr. David Brewer

Dr. Thomas Carlson

Ms. Heidi Duffy

Dr. Sarah Fries

Mrs. Katelynn Fergerson

Ms. Heidi Gobel

Dr. David Gilgenbach

Dr. Anne Hoybook

Ms. Marin Held

 John Heimerman

Dr. Katie Hom

Dr. Heidi Johnson

Dr. Rachael Johnson

Dr. Lisa Juten

Dr. Christine Kassekert

Dr. Camas Lindbeck

Ms. Brittany Grinde-Larson

Ms. Jennifer Langness

Dr. Deborah MacKay

Ms. Michon Montean

Ms. Holly Mozdin

Dr. Laurie Miller

Ms. Kari Malterud

Ms. Jill Nordstrom

Dr. Amy O'Brien

Dr. Bennett Porter, Jr.

Ms. Nicole Starry

Dr. Linda Sifford

Ms. Wendy Schupp

Ms. Cassandra Schmidt

Dr. Rachel Samsel

Dr. Julie Steller

Dr. Sandra Soucheray

Ms. Andrea Odney Szumowski

Ms. Stacy Thury

Dr. Sara Williams

Mrs. Tennelle Wieneke

Dr. Ann Fischer

Dr. Nathan Winkelman

Dr. Pierce Fleming

Dr. Anna Davies

Dr. Michelle Kissner

Dr. Norma Lechtman

Dr. Connie Sillerud

Dr. Roger Madison

Dr. Donald French

Ms. Rachel Pearson

Dr. James Fountaine

Dr. David Fell

Mr. Daniel Tjornehoj

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