Miracle of Birth Center


The Miracle of Birth Center, an agricultural education exhibit at the Minnesota State Fair, is the birthplace of more than 200 animals annually, including calves, lambs, ducklings, and piglets, during the fair’s 12-day run. Located just east of the Coliseum, the Miracle of Birth Center is the Fair’s most popular free exhibit and serves as a gateway to the historic livestock area. It is also home to the FFA Chapter House & Leadership Center, offering additional meeting and educational space.

Thanks to continued support and generous donations, the Center moved into its current home prior to the start of the 2006 Minnesota State Fair. Three times larger than before, it allows more visitors the opportunity to visit the fair’s most popular free exhibit, learning about animal agriculture production, veterinary science, and the birthing process, as well as the vital role animal agriculture and veterinary medicine play in the State of Minnesota.

The Miracle of Birth Center is staffed by volunteer veterinarians from the Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association, veterinary students from the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Minnesota, and members of the National FFA organization.

New and returning veterinarian volunteers are welcome. Please view the Miracle of Birth Center Calendar for open shifts and to volunteer.