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Meet the 2022 MVMF Scholarship Recipients

Meet Lijie Zhao

Lijie Zhao was awarded the MVMF Cares Scholarship (Awarded to a first-year student in good scholastic standing that has demonstrated current and past volunteerism and community involvement.)

She said she will use the scholarship to continue to provide time and care in underserved communities.

What inspired you to pursue a career in veterinary medicine?

Being a veterinarian means you have the special power to keep the human-animal bond alive and everlasting.

What have you learned the most about the profession so far?

It is so diverse! There are so many different fields you can get involved in with a degree of veterinary medicine. Even though the science is hard, it is truly fun at the same time.

What are your career goals?

To become a part-time ER veterinarian and a part-time community medicine doctor :)

What is the best piece of advice you ever received?

You are your most valuable asset, so take care of yourself.

What advice would you give to somebody who is considering going to college to pursue a career in veterinary medicine?


What does winning an MVMF Scholarship mean to you?

Winning the MVMF Scholarship shows me that the time and work I've put in is seen and appreciated. I am truly grateful to be awarded this scholarship and I will continue to devote myself to provide care for underserved communities.

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