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Pet Memorial Card Program: Honor Your Clients, Honor Their Pets

Remembering a client through the grieving process is vital to your continued relationship with that client. The Minnesota Veterinary Medical Foundation offers a Pet Memorial Card Program that allows you to honor your clients in their time of grief and contribute in their name to the MVMF.

How Does the Pet Memorial Gift Program Work?

Purchase and have on hand pet memorial cards for when they are needed. Inside the cards are messages indicating your show of concern for your client’s loss, and that a donation to the MVMF was made in honor of his or her pet. Sign the card and send to your client. Anyone who has lost a family member, loved one, or beloved pet may find a memorial gift to be a comforting gesture.

Share Their Grief - Win Their Heart

Cause-related marketing is being used in businesses everywhere as a means of making a statement: "We Care." The benefits to you include:

  • Strengthening the bond between you and your client
  • Dealing with client grief in a meaningful and compassionate way
  • Increasing loyalty and word of mouth promotion of your practice
  • A portion of the cost of the cards is tax deductible

What Benefit Does Your Gift Provide to the MVMF?

The Pet Memorial Gift Program helps fund all the MVMF’s efforts, including student scholarships, animal health grants, and to secure the future of veterinary medicine. Through such efforts, the MVMF works to educate the public about animal owner responsibility and promote regular examinations and preventive medicine, increasing client interest in animal healthcare.

Order Memorial Cards or Inserts Online

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